Sep 30

Hellenic Medical Society’s Fall Medical Presentation, October 27th at Estia Restaurant, Philadelphia.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Social committee of the Hellenic Medical Society, all members and interested health professionals of Hellenic descent are invited to the Fall dinner social and medical presentation on October 27th at Estia Restaurant, Philadelphia PA.

While socializing and meeting members of the HMS, a presentation by Dr. Konstadinos Plestis, Chair of the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Main Line Health describing his practice and medical expertise he has brought to the Main Line Health system.

Space is limited and anyone interested in attending should contact the Society at or 856.671.1169.

Sep 30

Hellenic Medical Society to Support St Thomas AGORA Health Fair, October 9-12, 2014

In cooperation with the Daughters of Penelope (Nike Chapter), Cooper University Hospital’s outreach program and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Thalassemia program, The Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia  is coordinating a health fair at the 2014 St Thomas AGORA.  The fair will consist of blood pressure screening, blood sugar and blood cholesterol measurements and an information table about Thalassemia which is a blood disorder that affects peoples of the Mediterranean basin including those of Hellenic descent.

Anyone interested in participating through assisting in blood pressure measurements or providing information to the public should contact the Society at or by phone at 856.671.1169.

The Hellenic Medical Society is dedicated to giving back to our community through events like this and looking forward to successful health fair for all!

Jul 30

Hellenic Medical Society Members support National Clergy Laity Conference in Philadelphia

Working with the Co-Chair of the National Clergy Laity Conference, Mr Michael Karloutsos, Hellenic Medical Society members and support staff provided both onsite medical support at the conference and office/hospital services if needed.  The National Clergy Laity attracted nearly 2500 clergy and delegates to Philadelphia and the HMS medical support was the first of its kind at such an event.  Many thanks to the following for supporting and assisting in this endeavor:


Ellie Keleporis MD, Drexel College of Medicine and Hahnemann Hospital

Dean Karalis MD, University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Hospital

Debbie Staples, Chief Operating Officer, Pennsylvania Hospital

Elias Iliadis MD, Cooper Medical School and Cooper University Hospital

Anthony Mazzarelli MD, Chief Medical officer and Cooper University Hospital

Nancy Keleher RN, Director Outreach program, Cooper University Hospital


The Board of Directors thanks all for their time and efforts in preserving the health of our community!


May 06

Hellenic Medical Society Continues Community Service Initiative At Annunciation Church in Elkins Park, Philadelphia

In an ongoing program of Philanthropy and community service, Members of the Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia attended the church services and coffee hour of Annunciation Church, Elkins Park  on May 5, 2014.  Blood pressure measurements and medical information for cardiac and pulmonary health were provided.  The congregation appreciated the information and the service to the community.  In the photos are Dr Denis Hadjiliadis, HMS president, Konstantinos Orfanos, Board member and Dr Elias Iliadis, HMS secretary.

The Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia is committed to the Health of our community and looks forward to assisting other parishes throughout the Metropolis.  For more information, contact the Society at 856.671. 1169 or HMSPHL@GMAIL.COM.

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Apr 29

Hellenic Medical Membership Now Available Online!

As a service to our membership and the environment, the Hellenic Medical Society is entirely paper free.  All documents and newsletters which are distributed to the members are in electronic format.  We believe that the HMS must be stewards of the environment for generations to come.


In addition, Joining the HMS has never been simpler or more secure.  Through accessing the membership page and filling out the online form, your membership is sent to the membership committee for inclusion in the membership directory.

Paying your dues is also available on the membership page through our Paypal link which walks you through the one-time process.




Apr 21

Hellenic Medical Society sponsors Medical Lecture for Members, Wednesday April 23rd at Estia.

As part of our value program to our membership, The Board of Directors and Education Committee have organized a dinner lecture from well renown expert, Dr Frank Leone, Director, Comprehensive Smoking treatment Program, University of Pennsylvania entitled:

“Update on Smoking Cessation”

Wednesday April 23rd, 2014

Graciously Sponsored by Medtronic

photo 1

Drs Frank Leone (left) and HMS President Dr Denis Hadjiliadis at the Medical Symposium at Estia



Apr 16

Medical Society sponsors Lecture at Cretan House, Highland Park, NJ on April 8th.

In conjunction with the Cretan Society, the Medical Society sponsored a lecture on Diseases of the Eye by Dr Alex Grapsas of Santorini Greece.  Dr Grapsas gave a thorough bilingual description of the diseases as well as in depth discussion of symptoms and treatments.  Many excellent questions arose and lead to greater awareness of a common ailment in our community.  HMS thanks Dr Grapsas for his efforts and looks forward to working with our Hellenic Societies to improve the health of our community.

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Apr 03

Hellenic Medical Society’s Community Service Initiative awarded Hellenism in Public Service Award By Congressman John Sarbanes

sarbanes letter HPS awardThe Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia’s Community Service Initiative was recently recognized by Congressman John Sarbanes for their outstanding service to the community. The initiative perform blood pressure screenings and information sessions at the parishes and societies in the Delaware Valley. The society’s objective is to improve the health of the community through information and connecting to its health care professionals.

The Board of Directors and members of the Hellenic Medical Society of Philadelphia are proud to be have selected  for this honor and look forward to serving our community in the future.

Apr 03

Hellenic Medical Society Marches in 2014 Greek Independence Day Parade in Philadelphia

The Board and Members of the Hellenic Medical Society were proud to celebrate our Greek heritage through marching down the Ben Franklin Parkway with the other Hellenic American Organizations.  The Grand Marshalls of the Parade were the Greek School Principals of the afternoon schools of the Delaware Valley and their dedication to the Greek language and culture.  Zito Hellas!

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Mar 21

Hellenic Medical Society affiliates with Hellenic American Psychiatric Assocation

In order to promote the fellowship of Hellenic Medical Professionals, the Board of Directors has decided to support and network with the Hellenic American Psychiatric Association.  The association was founded by Dr Maria Lymberis and she provided a historical perspective of the Society that we provide below.  We encourage you to examine their website from affiliated links section.

As the Founder of the Hellenic American Psychiatric Association and on behalf of the HAPA President Katina Mathews-Ferrari and the Executive Committee I wish to express our deep appreciation for the opportunity to network with the Hellenic Physicians of Philadelphia.
Here is the story of  why/how HAPA:
I am Greek born, raised in Athens during WWII & Greek Civil War. I am the beneficiary of “reverse Marshall Plan” by my parents who funded my education in the US upon my graduation from the private coed Lykeon of Athens in 1956. My father was decorated for his services in administering the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Greece. My deep commitment to public service I credit to the legacy of my father.
I joined the AMA as a medical student and the APA as a psychiatric resident. My service in my profession started when I entered private practice as a psychiatrist in Los Angeles in 1970. The first thing I noticed when I entered the leadership of the APA as a representative of SCPS in 1978 was that there was NO Hellenic Psychiatric organization while there were several ethnic ones including the Turkish one. I felt that this was a major problem and I set my mind to correct it. I did so in 1998 when I was elected APA Treasurer. I formed the steering Committee and HAPA was founded in May 1999 in Washington DC as an Affiliate organization of the APA during that year’s Annual APA meeting. The Greek Ambassador, many APA leaders and the several leaders from the Hellenic Psychiatric Association, most notably Professor George Christodoulou, participated at the HAPA inaurgural meeting. The early years of HAPA’s growth were focused on making contact with our Hellenic psychiatrists in Greece. HAPA actively participated in several Pan Hellenic Psychiatric Congresses. During those years
HAPA was only funded by one Pharma Company specifically to publish the HAPA Newsletter & did so for a number of years….
Then 9/11 happened and the world changed. HAPA had to focus on SURVIVING. The HAPA website and phone conferencing helped us maintain the Annual HAPA meetings and programs. Our scientific programs have featured mainly the work of notable Hellenic psychiatrists from Greece, Diaspora and US. In recent years our Presidents have focused on outreach to the Greek American psychiatrists. Our Boston members have been active in recruitment while I have been managing the web communications. The future looks very promising as HAPA is in the process of creating a Foundation to begin fund raising for post graduate scholarships for Greek psychiatrists to spend a year in an accredited academic center in the US.
As we know, growth is never smooth or easy….and persistence is the key…Clearly in this new age of globalization, with more Greeks outside of our motherland than they are in Greece, the need for solutions to the multiple health problems confronting our Hellenic communities ( like all of humans on this earth) we need team work and cooperation. But before we can get to team work for problem solving, the first step is open communication with one another. We at HAPA are looking forward to our having an open communication and sharing our activities and news with you as well as learning about yours thru our respective websites and email.
With Warm California wishes for Easter
Maria T. Lymberis, MD
HAPA Founder & Past President
Distinguished Life Fellow American Psychiatric Association
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Honorary
1500 Montana Av, # 201
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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